Hey there. I'm Andy Hawnt, and I'm grateful to you for checking out my humble blog. I'm a hack, basically, but I love it. I'm a geek from the north of England, and have spent far too much time writing stories and reviews to ever give up now.

I write for POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE here in the UK, which is sold and read all over the world each month. I've been with the magazine since 2007 and am still loving every minute of it. I am proud of the fact that I'm with a magazine that isn't all about flavour-of-the-week acts, but rather a mix of classic and cutting edge artists that have shaped and continue to shape the rock and metal scenes.

I'm also a staff writer over at HORRORNEWS.NET, the internet's number one stop for horror movie news and related content. This is another passion for me- I mean, what's not to like about gore flying in all directions?

The folks at LOST IN THE MULTIPLEX carry my exclusive comic book movies column, PANELS TO FRAMES, which is most kind of them.

I'm the creator and writer of the b-movies/pop culture site DIARY OF A GENRE ADDICT, which was spawned from a lifetime of watching and appreciating celluloid junk.

Other journalism has included hundreds of blog posts and articles for places such as Starstoreblog (for the hugely popular first two years of its life), Your Geekness and countless other pop culture sites such as Crime Time, Subba Cultcha and more.

My biggest book thus far is the humour/non-fiction title BAGGED AND BOARDED: LIFE ON PLANET GEEK,  an affectionate, humorous and very shouty book about the nine years I spent working in a comic shop. Please do check that one out.


Writing fiction is the thing that keeps me on the right side of sane. Just about.

I am the author of THE OTHERSIDE TRILOGY, incorporating the novellas DEAD THING, FOR THE FALLEN and I AM THE DARK, as well as the science fiction collection ACROSS THE SEAS OF MIND and many more to come.

I have had fiction published in ETHEREAL TALES magazine and on the massively popular 365tomorrows website. My story "Beneath An Orange Sky" features in the anthology EXPLORERS BEYOND THE HORIZON.


I'm a massive science fiction geek, with a personal library that fills most of my home. I also collect vintage horror movies in vintage VHS editions. Once upon a time I played guitar for the band RED20, with whom I recorded three albums and played live. Other fun stuff has included DJing, making movies, radio presenting, working in a comic shop (Nine years there!) and playing old Mega Drive Games whilst simultaneously gorging on tattered pulp SF paperbacks.

I think that just about sums me up.

PS: You can get on my good side with chicken wings, horror on VHS and pulps about spaceships.