Saturday, 2 February 2008

Life in the Geek Lane

Salutations, fellow travellers along these pixellated alleys. It has become clear that I need some form of repository for the stream of consciousness that seems to be unendingly rampaging forth from my fingers.

A little about your humble host; I'm Andrew Hawnt, Andy to you, and I write rather a lot. I freelance for the rock and metal magazine POWERPLAY, the pop culture website SUBBA-CULTCHA, and I write for my dayjob at the comics/film memorabilia site STARSTORE.COM and its various blogs. My science fiction antholgy, ACROSS THE SEAS OF MIND, will be available soon via the Lulu publishing site. I wanted to be able to offer up writing here that will be of interest to people outside of my circle of friends (LJ can only offer so much exposure!), and also wanted a place where I could put the writing that I am proud of, as well as emptying my head a little every now and again.

A former production assistant/camera operator/composer/screenwriter/actor for numerous no-budget independent films in the late 90's, I now make my way through life as a professional geek, Mac addict and film nerd. I've dabbled in music, releasing three albums with the Industrial rock band RED20 as guitarist, various side projects and briefly playing with metallers DESCENT TO COCYTUS.

I am fascinated/addicted/enthralled by science fiction, fantasy, horror, geek culture, crime novels, comic books, and all the other trappings of someone brought up on a diet of Ghostbusters, Transformers and Stephen King.

This place? Articles, thoughts, the odd interview, reviews, and much more besides.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

Your host,

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