Tuesday, 12 February 2008

New issue of POWERPLAY out now!

Issue 95 of POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE is out now, and I am thrilled to be writing for them. I first came into contact with the magazine back in late 1997 if I remember rightly, and after the demise of magazines such as Frontiers, Hard Roxx and The Rock, it became the only source in the UK to regularly get news and info on traditional metal, power metal, AOR, melodic rock and the like. Where other magazines are intent on the next fad, trend or flavour of the week, Powerplay always concentrated on finding acts and music that the UK audience would otherwise not hear about much, if at all. Their regular CDs in the POWER FILES range are a constant source of new discoveries, indeed, I heard many of my current favourite bands for the first time on these sampler CDs. I am honoured to be contributing, and am having a great time doing so. It may seem a small thing to some people, but seeing my name listed in the 'Powerplayers' section with the staff made me grin like a child.

I have two reviews in this issue, namely for the new Khymera album and the new Waysted. I've written eight for the next issue and I hope they all make it in! Go check out a copy in WHSmiths, or visit the magazine's website at http://www.powerplaymagazine.co.uk/ for a look at what's in the rest of the issue.

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