Thursday, 9 October 2008



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South Yorkshire’s Uberbyte have made a name for themselves on the UK scene by relentless gigging and basic hard work, and after a string of riotous shows comes this, the debut full length effort. Things get off to a very bouncy start with ‘Stand up for Uberbyte’, which has all the hallmarks of a stomping show opener. From the off it is rather clear that the music of Uberbyte is designed for the stage and the dancefloor, as it does make you want to stomp.

While the stage incarnation of Uberbyte features about a million people, the album is created by the band’s leader, Uberman (aka Rikky, one time Killing Miranda frontman). This gives the piece a string sense of direction. Before long the infamous ‘Total War’ comes along and lays waste to your subwoofer with a structure and beat that Grendel and Combichrist would kill for (The opening sample does sound like it namechecks neckless Doctor Who oddballs the Sontarans though). On CD the song has lost none of the power that makes it such a cool dancefloor/live number.

[SIC] is not a subtle album, and that is kind of the point. This is music to dance to, and dance HARD. It offers up a selection of hard EBM, industrial and harsh dancefloor electronics very much I keeping with these post-EBM times. Hocico with more bounce. The synth lines are memorable and punchy in an almost singalong fashion, adding some much needed melody to the crunch of the songs.

This is a great debut from a British act who are really making waves on the rejuvenated UK industrial underground, and on the strength of this offering and their notorious live shows, the future looks very [SIC] indeed.

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