Thursday, 9 October 2008

ALBUM REVIEW: AUTOCLAV1.1- Love No Longer Lives Here

Love No Longer Lives Here

Tympanik Audio

The third full length album from Autoclav1.1 maestro Tony Young (not counting the exemplary remix album ‘Broken Beats For Broken Hearts), ‘Love No Longer Lives Here’ is an even more cinematic musical journey than his previous works. There are less jagged beats this time out, and more attention paid to the layers of melody that build and build on one another to create a dense and moving soundscape.

Beats are still very much in evidence on this album, but they seem a little less fractured and more straightforward while retaining some of the glitchy rhythms of the previous albums. In fact, a couple of the tracks on offer (‘All Long Black Spirals’ for example) are harder and more driving. This is a record that has definitely been composed instead of assembled. The album works extremely well as a whole entity; a soundtrack to loss and emotional evolution.

‘Tiny Matters’ is a gorgeous piece in the middle of the album, reflective and solemn, followed by the more recognizably Autoclav1.1 ‘Its Indifference’ that sees the return of some of the rougher rhythms of the first two albums mixed with the newfound subtlety.

It is as the album goes on that the pieces start to really fall together, culminating in the heartbreaking and equally uplifting ‘Six Minutes to Live’, which is an extremely good note to end the album on, leaving you with the feeling you have experienced something special. Like Howard Shore and Robert Miles crossed with Vangelis, flavoured with the crisp rhythms of the Industrial movement. Something special indeed.

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