Sunday, 7 December 2008

The best of Jim Baen's Universe – Volume One

Yes yes, I know: I was supposed to be reading that Steampunk collection, but I got waylaid by the rather superb first collection of the best of the late Jim Baen's website. Bringing together the finest of the fiction posted on that most auspicious site, it is making me wish I'd checked the place out long ago. With a marvellous mix of pure SF, fantasy and lots of stories that flit between the two, it provides a strong overview of the modern SF scene. I'm still reading it, and a full review will follow once I'm finished. Just wanted to pass the title along as it is really worth your time.


In other news: Taking a brief break on the new novel to get a bit of distance from the material in order to look at it with fresh eyes soon. In the meantime I have a stack of other new material to write, including the title novella from my forthcoming collection, TO BANISH THE DARK. The outline and research have been fun. This one's going to be epic. Expect spaceships and explosions, as well as a very surprising guest...

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