Sunday, 14 December 2008

X Factor - Karaoke for Dolts

And lo, the country did fall into a blank-eyed trance as X-Factor swallowed what remained of its collective soul. Seriously, this sorry excuse for entertainment, this overblown karaoke show aimed at the lowest common denominator, is a blight upon our screens the likes of which we have not seen since Eldorado. You can argue that it is 'Just a bit of fun', but you can't ignore the fact it is a selection of tired songs being 'performed' by people with all the talent of navel lint.

While it will no doubt make me sound older and grumpier than my 30 years should allow, I am longing for a time when people were known for passionate music (of their own composition, no less) that they believed in and that carried some kind of message, not grotesquely ululating cacophonies will all the artistic merit of a Motley Crue B-side. The pop idol/X factor phenomenon has given the culturally challenged masses a voice, and it really isn't one worth singing the praises of.

Encore? No thanks. Just lower the curtain and clear the stage. Hopefully it will then be graced by some genuinely talented people.


Pyromancer said...

I'd love to see Mercedes Lackey's "Valdemar" stories done on screen, possibly as Japanese-style anime.

Or David Weber's incredible Honor Harrington stories as a series of features, either full movies or mini-series.

Pyromancer said...

Oops - previous comment was meant to reference the sci-fi thread! Sorry!

But yes, X-factor. Agree completely. Perhaps some day all this "reality" rubbish will be binned and we can go back to having people with talent on TV?