Friday, 27 March 2009

More superhero flicks like WATCHMEN please.

So, the hoo-ha surrounding WATCHMEN is dying down a bit. I've written extensively about the film and the importance of the graphic novel in my daytime guise as a geek columnist for a certain movie collectibles and memorabilia blog, so my stance on the film is known (I absolutely loved it, both times I have seen it thus far). Now that we can look at the film a bit more sensibly (following on from the OMG IT'S WATCHMEN mania many of us succumbed to), it has made me crave more superhero/comic adaptations that are made with a similar level of respect.

One of the reasons Zack Snyder's film succeeded so well is that it is very respectful to the source material, and that shines through in every meticulously crafted frame. I'd love to see that same care applied to other properties.

While many comic book film projects are made with affection and a certain respect, Watchmen's crew went above and beyond the call of duty, thus the end product is three hours of art. Slightly different to things like Ghost Rider. Hmm. Similarly, Iron Man was about as spot-on as an Iron Man film could be, due to the crew understanding the material and Robert Downey Jr being fully aware of what Tony Stark needed to be like. It is this respect and knowledge of the source material that elevates a comic book adaptation from a bit of fun to something truly spectacular.

People already know the stories of the great graphic novels, so there is a huge level of anticipation involved. Annoy the diehard core of fans and the larger audience won't be interested. Get the diehards on your side and the larger viewing public will take note. While I can appreciate it can be a logistical nightmare making a film at all, you might as well go all the way and make a good one.

More like these. Pretty please?

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