Tuesday, 15 December 2009

In defence of liking Lady GaGa

I shouldn't really have to justify liking anything, but now and again I feel I must do so. I've never been one to follow trends, ever, and when Lady GaGa first came onto the international scene I despised her. I found her tunes repetitive and bland, and her image forced and vulgar. Then it all clicked into place for me and suddenly I found myself addicted to what she does. Now, I'm a metal fan and a rock mag journalist, so I'm not supposed to like stuff like this, but I can't help it.

There's something gloriously anarchic to Lady GaGa that has sorely been missing from pop music for far too long. I think it was her attitude more than anything that turned me from hating her to liking her. That defiance and steadfast determination she exhudes is very appealing, and yes, the music is made completely of earworms, impossible to get out of your head once you've heard it. Need proof? Go and listen to 'Bad Romance' and see how long it takes you to start humming it after it's ended.

While there are still real characters in the rock and indie scenes, pop music has become incredibly predictable, safe and dull. This is why Lady GaGa is such a breath of fresh air. I would liken the current stage of her career to that of Madonna circa 'True Blue', that era where an artist has become established and is laying the groundwork for a long career ahead.

With her outlandish outfits, risque lyrics and infectious tunes, Lady GaGa is every bit the defining pop icon out there right now. Where many female artists are flaunting flesh galore in order to stay on the front covers, GaGa has stayed there by sheer force of will, her hugely entertaining performances and her futuristic sense of style.

Yes, she is often wearing rather less than can be healthy at this time of year, but it's never flaunted in the same semi-pornographic way that many other singers are portrayed right now. She dresses in a sexy manner, but you never get the impression she's uncomfortable. In a media world obsessed with perfection, beauty and overt sexuality, Lady GaGa stands apart as the most original and interesting pop star out there right now, and if even us metalheads have our guilty pleasures, I'm not so guilty about liking her.

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