Sunday, 10 January 2010

Bangalore Choir and Babylon AD

I'm very much in an old school hard rock mood right now. Here's a couple of unsung classics from the cock rock era.

The Bangalore Choir tune was the opener from the 'On Target' album, and my copy was one of the casualties of an Ebay clearout I had when I needed to eat (a problem when cash is not easy to come by). Man I need that album again.

The other track, by Babylon AD, ain't quite as strong, but it's a fun piece of daft rock, and was taken from the soundtrack to Robocop 2, and was pretty much the best thing about that flick. There are times when you just need some big, dumb rock music, and these are just the ticket.

Hey, I am extremely proud to say I love this stuff. Personally I couldn't give a crap about fashion (as is evident when you read my stuff in the mag)- good music is good music. Then again, as with the Babylon AD video, bad music is good music too sometimes ;)

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