Monday, 15 February 2010

RED20: THE RETURN (For one day only)

After four years out of the fold, I will be rejoining my former band, RED20, for one day later this month to head into the studio to record something cool to mark the fifth anniversary of our second CD together (the third for the act, but my second as part of it) THE RED ALBUM. Things have changed so much in the time we've been apart, and it is going to be a thrill to be back in the studio and making music again, if only for a day.

It's been quite a journey since we split in 2006. I joined another band after that, which saw me rocking out for 5 months before things ended. After that there was my short-lived HYBRID ICON project, which was never completed as I moved from making music to writing about it in 2007. Al moved away to become the production genius that he is today, and I became a journalist for a national rock mag.

However, no matter how long we spend apart, we always seem able to pick up where we left off, y'know? That's a pretty damn special thing. We saw each other occasionally in the times between then and now, and it was always business as usual. We were older, a little bit wiser, and a little bit more in control of the stuff we wanted to do, but it's the same old us.

I kept playing those old songs whenever I'd pick a guitar up (which has been a rare occurence of late, so now I'm getting my chops back up to head into the studio ready to go), and there were a few of them that have become snapshots of my life to me. Not just listening to them and playing them, but remembering the person I was and the life I had when we recorded them. Revisiting the good parts is going to be fun.

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