Friday, 5 March 2010

The Runaways Movie

I'm actually quite curious to see this, even though it has Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in it. The story of The Runaways is one of rock music's more interesting tales, and is one that hasn't been covered all that much in the decades that followed their groundbreaking escapades.

Granted, I am sure there are sensationalized moments throughout the film, but that tends to be the way with many biopics. The casting seems to be pretty strong (the girl they have playing Lita Ford looks uncannily like Lita did in those days), and while there have been some lukewarm reviews of the film, I'm eager to see how it turned out.

Joan Jett is one of rock's real icons, and the stories surrounding the formation of The Runaways and their escapades and notoriety should hopefully make for compelling viewing. Then again, the film could have been completely screwed up and make a mockery of one of the most interesting bands from an exciting period in rock music's history.

Either way, the trailer looks like we're in for an entertaining ride. Now, how about someone makes a UK-centric film about an all-girl rock band and tells us the turbulent (and just as interesting) story of Girlschool?

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