Thursday, 4 March 2010

Steve Vai's 'Now We Run': A Thing of Beauty

Steve Vai has the right idea- post pretty much the entire live 'Where The Wild Things Are' DVD on YouTube and let the music and performance be its own advert. It's worked as well, with the DVD and Blu Ray sets both being big hits.

This video, for 'Now We Run' is a marvellous thing, showcasing an incredible backing band around Vai's marvellous guitar playing. I absolutely adore this performance, and these siz minutes alone should make any fan want to go and get the full thing. Vai certainly knows how to put on a brilliant show, with nary a dull moment.

While a lot of people will always say that 'Passion And Warfare' is his best album, that does vai a little bit of a disservice. 'Passion and Warfare' is indeed a classic album, which I love dearly, but the rest of his catalogue is just as, if not even more, compelling.

This live set is a pretty much perfect overview of his music and the glorious way he performs. The addition of two live violins to his band works extremely well, adding a much greater level of interaction between Vai and his other musicians. The set is incredible value for money, very uplifting (one of the things I love about his music) and extremely inspirational. Check out this video, then go and see what you can create yourself.

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