Monday, 5 April 2010

Nevermind, Get Over It

The cover feature of a certain UK 'rock' magazine (okay, it's Kerrang!) has really annoyed me this week. Now, I can't say I've read it in years as they rarely feature any acts I'm actually interested in, but I'm always aware of who's on the cover. The current issue has... *sigh*... Nirvana on it. Again. It's a feature on the making of 'Nevermind', that tired old album that millions of sheep seem to think was so good. It was okay, but nothing particularly great.

Its success was down to apathy with the way the music scene was at that time and some clever marketing, IMHO, rather than the actual quality of the droning mess that was passed off as music. Now, for 19 years since its release, we've had 'Kurt the genius' rammed down our throats, and now there are young kids wearing Nirvana hoodies that weren't even born when Kurt took his own life.

The constant glamourization of such a disturbed individual, and all of his issues, isn't a great thing to be putting across to young listeners. Plus, that album came out ALMOST TWO DECADES AGO. There is a HUGE amount of fresh new talent around right now that deserves the cover spot instead of yet another dissection of an album that many of us are sick to death of hearing about, let alone actually hearing. Plus, there are thousands of other albums that could also have been covered like this.

Dwelling on the same old thing is just tired journalism. Unless it's Classic Rock magazine, isn't the point of regular music mags to bring new bands and music to the attention of the masses, rather than sticking something out that could easily be read for free on any number of different sites, or even in any number of back issues of the same title. Never mind.

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