Thursday, 15 April 2010

R.I.P. Peter Steele

Wow. This came out of the blue. News of the sad and rather sudden death of Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele was initially seen as a hoax, die to the hoax from a few years ago, but this time it has turned out to be tragically true. Peter Steele died from 'apparent heart failure' on Wednesday, it has been confirmed by bandmates and family.

This is tragic. Peter always seemed to be something of a superhero to me, a giant of a man with a massive intellect and a voice that was so very unique. The albums that I instantly think of in regards to Peter and his work will always be 'October Rust' and 'World Coming Down' rather than the ubiquitous 'Bloody Kisses', but the whole catalogue stands as testament to a talent that will be much missed in the metal world.

Sadly I was only privy to one live performance by Peter and Type O Negative, which was their infamous 3 song set at Donnington 1996. The deadpan sense of humour, coupled with those irresistible goth metal/hardcore/doom songs sounded like nobody else out there, which has always impressed me.

Of course, Type O wasn't all he did- there was Carnivore, his acting and more, and the numerous other projects he was involved with, all of which were executed with tongue planted firmly in cheek. In a world obsessed with irony, none were quite as good at it as Peter Steele.

48 is far too young to pass away. Such a sad thing. Peter was an icon to many people around the world, and he will forever remain a giant in the hearts of fans everywhere. It is most saddening to mark the passing of a hero, and my thoughts are with his family, friends and bandmates.

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