Saturday, 29 May 2010

Jonathan Ross: I'm on your Turf

Yesterday I picked up the second printing of Turf issue 1, the new comic series written by telly star Jonathan Ross. I'd missed the first print run, but went and sought this 2nd printing out after reading an interview with Wossy in a daily that reminded me just how much he loves the ol' four colour delights of the comic book.

I would liken this comic experience to that of Simon Pegg getting to play Scotty or David Tennant playing the Doctor. I mean in the sense of a huge fan of something getting to take part in something important to them. It's easy to see that Ross took a great deal of pleasure in writing the project, and his blatant love for the medium shines through in every densely worded panel. But, is it actually any good? Yes. It's great.

The genre mash-up is fun, the characters are well defined and the art of Tommy Lee Edwards is superb, reminding me of the sort of edgy art that you'd generally see in 2000ad or maybe Heavy Metal or the recent bag of awesome that is DEMO. If you love comics or even just have a passing interest, then check this out and see how it grabs you. I'm certainly going to check out issue 2. Good stuff, fella.