Saturday, 1 May 2010

That THOR movie photo

One of the most checked-out things in pop culture online this past couple of days has been the first real photo from the THOR movie, which is currently underway with Kenneth Branagh at the helm (that's still kind of a WOW thing for me- I'm really curious to see what he does with a comic book movie).

There's been a bunch of naysayers on this image of Chris Hemsworth as The Mighty Thor himself. Personally I love the pic, although I can completely understand the gripe of many fans, namely the rubber armour.

Sure it looks like rubber, but this is just a still, and in a pretty untouched state, too. Plus, this may be taken from a moment prior to some major asskickery, and also it may be just one costume that our Asgardian friend wears in the flick. That said, from what we can see of the costume it does look both kinda faithful to the comic costume and also in keeping with the Marvel movies aesthetic. Can't wait to see some actual footage from this!

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