Thursday, 24 June 2010

Resident Evil Afterlife – New Trailer

Yes, I know it looks like tosh, but it also looks like a lot of fun. I have a soft spot for the Resident Evil movies, which is probably down to the fact that I've never played any of the video games that these flicks are loosely based on. This latest film looks like a cross between The matrix, Ultraviolet and Aeon Flux with bits of the earlier Resident Evil movies thrown in too. There are some nice nods to the games for fans too, with some more of the creatures showing up in the movie at last. I dunno why I like these films so much. I know they're not great, but I can't help but be entertained by them. So disengage your brain, sit back and enjoy things going BOOM.

(Incidentally, you can find my thoughts on the first three Resident Evil movies over at )

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