Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Review: Primal Fear “16.6 All Around The World” Live DVD

Primal Fear
“16.6 All Around The World”

Genre: Traditional Metal
Frontiers Records

Primal Fear always serve up quality when they release anything new, and this second live DVD is no exception. Their first live release was way back in 2002 for the 'Black Sun' album, and that live DVD/CD set (“The History Of Fear”) set the benchmark for anything else they would release in a similar vein. That set was amazing value, and thus when approaching this DVD, I couldn't help but compare the two. How does this new one measure up? Pretty well, actually. While the last set featured both the DVD and CD, this time around the two have been split into separate releases. I can understand this, but from a fan's point of view it may have been better to package them together.

This DVD was shot during the world tour in support of the band's “16.6” album, and while there are a few tracks from that superlative opus on offer here, there's a wealth of older tracks to enjoy too. The current incarnation of the ban is on fine form, with frontman Ralf Scheepers still delivering the goods in awesome style through every track.

The mix of this live disc isn't as punchy as their earlier live release, lacking some mid-level clout, but it's a very fine live document that captures the band's energy and dedication very well indeed. Featuring live tracks shot in Switzerland and America, it can sometimes feel a little disjointed, but it still a brilliant chronicle of a band that still goes somewhat underrated. The new tracks mesh well with the old too, which is always a boon.

It's the extras on this disc where the package really shines. Five music videos, The making of the “16.6: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead” album, and an extensive 'Bootleg' section of live recordings, interviews and more. It;s all this bonus content that fans are going to lap up, and really fills out the package much more than your average live DVD from any band. On the whole it is a very worthwhile DVD for fans of the band, and also a very good introduction to them for new listeners. Now, if the mix had been a little heavier, it would have been perfect. As it is, it's merely superb.