Sunday, 4 July 2010

Review: We Are The Fallen - "Tear The World Down"

We Are The Fallen
"Tear The World Down"
Genre: Gothic Rock/Rock/Metal Universal Music/Republic

Yes, the band is made up largely of former Evanescence members and is fronted by an American Idol contestant, and with that out of the way, let's talk about the music. This debut album from what is being touted as something of a supergroup is very, very strong indeed. There have to be inevitable comparisons with Evanescence, and quite rightly, but the album also needs to be taken on its own merits as the debut of a new band. Regarding those comparisons, the first thing that strikes me is how much more together it feels than the last Evanescence studio album, 'The Open Door.' Now, I loved that album, but this feels decidedly more coherent.

It's only natural that We Are The Fallen will sound very much like Evanescence, and with the backbone of Ben Moody, John LeCompt and Rocky Gray, the band has a brilliant foundation built right in. After all, those three guys were part of the band that created the global phenomenon that was 'Fallen', and their influence is very much in evidence here. 'Tear The World Down' is a powerful collection of dark rock songs that retain the drama and power of Evanescence with a more exciting rock edge to the music.
It's that rock edge that has allowed for some faster songs and some heavier moments, along with some experimentation that is more guitar based than based around the piano or synths. Electronics are still around, and used sparingly for depth and atmosphere very well.

Vocalist Carly Smithson is a revelation here. Look, I despise American idol/Pop Idol/X factor and the whole scene surrounding those shows, but in Smithson the band has bagged themselves a vocalist with an astounding voice, a huge presence and some serious star quality. her voice is imperfect, cracking here and there, which makes me like it even more. What about the songs?

The songs that make up this debut album are a superb cross-section of rockers and ballads, with lead single 'Bury Me Alive' being the perfect opener, and later songs such as 'Paradigm' and 'St. John' all being high points. A great debut album, and well worth a purchase. They are more than Evanescence 2.0- they're the fulfilment of a missed opportunity. Now, I wonder what the new album from the other band will sound like in comparison...

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