Sunday, 5 September 2010

CLiNT issue 1

It's good to see a new anthology title hit UK shelves. Aside from 2000ad and the Judge Dredd Megazine, there's no British title widely available for comics readers to lap up. Sure, there's the current incarnation of Tripwire, but it's a quest in itself to even find a copy, which is a shame as it's decent. CLiNT is the new anthology magazine from comics star Mark Waid and his merry gang, and features some great stuff including the exclusive first part of KICK-ASS 2, a reprint of TURF issue 1 and some truly superb original material.

The magazine looks fantastic, but there still needs to be some tweaking before it's just right. There are a couple of bits of it that are more 'Men's mag' than comic, and these would ideally be replaced with creator interviews or something like that, rather than 'celebrities' and 'hot celebrity mums'. And THERE IS NO NEED FOR JIMMY CARR TO EVER APPEAR IN ANYTHING. Seriously. He's about as entertaining as severe thrush.

While it's not perfect, I must urge anyone with a love for ballsy graphic storytelling to buy this title and support what there is of the UK industry. Remember, there's more to comics than just the US titles. CLiNT is off to a very good start. Now, a bit less filler and some more meaty content, please.

(PS: speaking of anthology titles, I really miss OVERKILL. Remember that?)

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