Tuesday, 14 September 2010


I'm excited to bring you news of a forthcoming new release from me! My next book release is to be DEAD THING, a brutal supernatural horror novella, which will be available in paberback and ebook formats in early October- just in time for Halloween!

Here's the official synopsis...

A Novella By Andrew Hawnt


A nameless entity is causing mayhem amidst the grey streets of an English inner city. It leaps from one host body to another, transforming each host into a bloodthirsty killer, then as it moves on to another body, it will chase down and slaughter its previous host.

The police involved with investigating the bizarre series of murders has enlisted an eccentric paranormal specialist, Patrick, who leads them on a desperate chase to track down the entity and stop the mayhem.

The formless creature enters a man, Kevin, whose long-term illness sickens it, and the entity leaves him before turning him into a killer. Now, Kevin has been caught up in the madness, and must work alongside Patrick and the police both to stay alive and to stop the thing that is turning ordinary people into monsters.

The creature knows it is being chased, and it is far from pleased. A rampage begins, and the city begins to run red with the blood of innocents. The race is on to find the dead thing's source and destroy it, or else countless more will die...


More news soon!

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