Wednesday, 22 September 2010

DIGG: 4 The Record

See what I did there? For the record, I really like the new incarnation of DIGG, even though a fair few people have been having a few issues with it since the new version went live. A lot of users have been having some functionality issues with the site, and others have been talking about the loss of some features in favour of new ones.

Me? I've had no problems with Digg V4, and while it's not 100% perfect for the way I use the web, it's pretty damn close. I like the way it works, the way it looks and the new content I am being offered in my feed. The layout is simple and clean, and although it's not ideal for everyone yet, this is a progressive thing that is still in a state of transition (as with a lot of stuff online).

I'm not a coder or hardcore web design geek - I'm just a user. As a Digg user, I really enjoy the experience on the site, and Digg 4 is 9thus far) proving to be a more enjoyable and useful site for me to visit. Mind you, it does need more dudes sat side by side on sofas with laptops. MOAR!

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