Sunday, 26 September 2010

TAPE 211 - New short from Pete Middleton Pictures

Writer/Director Pete Middleton is a figure that many aspiring filmmakers really should investigate. His work is seen by countless thousands of people online, and is highly regarded by those viewers. The output of Mr. Middleton and his varied cast and crew (usually including the talents of actor and writer Aidey Pugh) is astonishing, but the really impressive thing about these films is their varied content and subject matter. Middleton has created a number of thrillers, dramas, comedies, horror pieces and monologues, and all of them are produced with the same amount of enthusiasm and skill.

TAPE 211 is the latest horror/thriller film from Pete and Co, and stars Vickie Powell alongside the inimitable Mr Pugh. It's a powerful and unsettling film, and well worth watching if you have any interest in independent cinema. After all, it's with indie films that we will discover our future icons.

The only real drawback to the production is a slightly flat recording of the dialogue, but that's a technical and budgetary issue rather than any problem with the cast. Check it out, and then check out more of the work these incredibly talented and driven people have brought to life. It's amazing what can be done with a tiny budget, as long as the talent is there.

(Click on the image above to visit the Pete Middleton Pictures YouTube Channel)

WARNING: Tape 211 contains harrowing material and is not suitable for children.