Saturday, 11 December 2010

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - The Best Yet?

Reports of test footage and previews of the 3D material in Transformers: Dark of the Moon are starting to show up online, and they are all saying much the same thing. It looks as though Transformers: Dark Of The Moon will be the best entry in the Michael Bay helmed series of movies based on the legendary toy line from Hasbro.

I was a massive fan of the first film and less so of the second (much has been written on just why so many people took issue with it, yet it grossed more than the first), so the new that the third is shaping up to be a more serious, dramatic affair is pleasing to hear. The teaser trailer looks promising, if needlessly lengthy, and with Shockwave being the apparent bad guy (I was hoping for Unicron and Galvatron!), it would seem that fans are in for some serious old school Transformers action.

Another plus point for this new film is that it doesn't have Megan Fox in it. While she was a massive star at the time of Revenge of the Fallen, her star has faded a great deal in the past year, thanks to a series of crappy films (Jonah Hex? Bah) and some very negative press.

Michael Bay has been addressing the issues that people have been bringing up with the new film, and it's awesome to see that he has taken note of the fans' opinions and integrated that feedback into the new film. Something I find very refreshing is his well-documented reluctance to go the 3D route with this new Transformers movie. Yes, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is going to be in 3D, but it seems to be the sort of 3D that is going to kick your face in, rather than the sort of 3D that makes people physically sick through the bad conversion (Clash of the Titans).

Most of the new TF movie has been shot in 3D, with other scenes being converted over a good period of time (no cheap rush jobs on the conversion here!), so it's going to look fantastic. The other question is, will the film actually be any good? It may look fantastic, but will it be well acted and directed? Will the script be up to muster after the mess of the second film? I think so. I think that this time round, we'll be getting the Transformers movie to end them all. Shame we never got to go to Cybertron though...

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