Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy 10th Anniversary to iFanboy!

iFanboy, the comic book discussion and review site that spawned the hugely popular iFanboy video and audio podcasts, is officially ten years old today. That's ten years of bringing comics fans news on new and upcoming titles as well as countless reviews and opinion pieces, interviews and features on the industry and the creators behind it.

The guys behind iFanboy do a sterling job, and their reputation speaks for itself, as alongside places like Comic Book Resources, iFanboy is one of the most important comics related websites and names in the world. So yeah, huge congrats to the iFanboy guys and here's to many more years of bickering, hyping and geeking out. Your audience is most grateful!

If you're into comics and haven't heard of iFanboy, then do yourself a favour. Visit and/or subscribe to both the audio and the video podcasts that the place puts out. The reviews are honest and fair, and there is a genuine passion for the medium very apparent from each of their writers/presenters. Damn good stuff.

In fact, check out a recent episode to see for yourself:

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