Saturday, 8 January 2011

Review: NECROGRINDER - 'Mangled Fetus Insertion' EP

"Mangled Fetus Insertion"
Genre: Grindcore/Death Metal Independent Release

Necrogrinder's new EP offers little in the way of pop hooks or sugary melodies, but for the devout connoisseur of blastbeat-laden grindcore, this may well be the aural equivalent of a well-used secret sock. That's to say, it'll make the crusty grindcore fans out there require a tissue. Violent, relentlessly brutal and more than a little deranged, Necrogrinder have created eight tracks of lightspeed nastiness that recall early Carcass, Sodom, Mayhem, Anal Cunt and Cattle Decapitation.

The band has their tongues wedged firmly in their collective cheeks, and the EP features some excellent examples of the genre in songs such as 'Chainsaw Brainsore' and 'Gorehammer', both of which only run to a minute and a half, which is almost epic by grindcore standards. 'Bummed by the Bin men' has one of the best titles in history, and the track itself is most fitting of its monicker.

While the vocals on the EP are completely unintelligible, that's not really the point of them. This is extremity that has been created with a sense of humour and shows off some vicious talents.

The band are on fine form, with deceptively simple riffs and crushing rhythms played tightly. The mix is less that perfect, lacking some weight to the middle frequencies, and the vocals are mixed too high, but it's a damn fine indie grindcore release that needs to be heard by more than just the immediate circle of local fans.

Check them out at the Necrogrinder UK Myspace Page

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