Saturday, 19 February 2011

Busy Little Hack

Hey all, apologies for the lack of posts this week. I've been in meetings about an awesome new project that is now underway and will be announced shortly. It would seem that my old hobby of comic art has garnered me some very cool work indeed, and I'll be telling you all the details about it very soon.

It has to do with the city I'm living in now- Nottingham - and a certain legendary outlaw. My time this week has thus been split between meetings, working on images for this project (which is, in all seriousness, going to be quite a big thing, and my first legit work as a comic artist and writer), working on new material for the magazine and putting in my time at the dayjob which is giving me so much pleasure at the moment. If you're curious as to what that is, I run an increasingly popular and lovely coffee house/cafe in the heart of the city.

In other news; My two current novellas, DEAD THING and PROJECT HAYWIRE, will be published soon via Lulu and my own Damn Nation Media imprint. These books are currently being finished up and revised.

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