Friday, 4 February 2011

Captain America Movie Poster Revealed

So here's the first official image poster for the Captain America movie (aka Captain America: The First Avenger or The First Avenger: Captain America, depending where you are and what you read). After not being all that excited by what I'd seen about the film thus far, this poster and the growing reports that director Joe Johnston has worked his magic (Rocketeer FTW!!!) are getting me stoked.

I really hope that the hype turns out to be accurate and we get a real Captain America story set in his native era (WW2) and then a final act that sees him frozen and awoken in the modern age. The stills that have been emerging look very promising, and Joe is the perfect choice of director.

I hope that Chris Evans has done such an iconic character justice. I know he was the Human Torch, but Cap is one of the heavy hitters in the Marvel Universe. I think we're in for a damn fine film, whether you share the patriotism or not. The poster is cool, although I think it says a lot that we aren't seeing Cap in the helmet in the promos yet, as it's more than a little cheesy.

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