Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Social Commerce: Actually a Pretty Good Idea

Marketing and advertising is changing thanks to the shifting tastes of social media, and the term that is big right now is Social Commerce.

This is basically advertising to individuals based on what their friends and family have bought, displayed via a widget or suchlike linked to various social media entities such as Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare.

While stuff like Blippy still scares the backside off me, I think Social Commerce is a pretty good idea.

I mean, the approval of people you know and trust is definitely going to have more clout than some faceless advert, and while it may initially seem a bit creepy for your friends' faces to appear on every site you go on, peering at you from beneath ads, I think it'll be a positive thing for consumers as well as businesses.

It's early days yet, and I'm naturally concerned about how this data could be exploited for negative purposes, but we may well be seeing the start of the next stage of online integration into our daily lives and habits.

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