Monday, 21 February 2011

Virgin: Leave Our House Alone

The latest blight upon our delicate British eyes is a travesty of an advert from Virgin, who have taken the lyrics to 'Our House' by Madness and used them as a painful spoken word piece that takes all the joy out of those delightfully arranged words.

While it's nice that Madness will be getting some cash every time the thing is shown, it adds yet another example of a classic song being shafted roughly up the alley by some dull cover (that twee piano version of 'Sweet Child O' Mine' still makes me break out in a cold sweat).

The whole advert would have been better served by actually playing the damn song, not some cursed 'Inspirational' voiceover with a regional accent. The visuals are nice and quite to the point, but the use of the audio just makes me want to take a lathe to my own ears. The song itself is far more 'English' than the swell of strings and the forced dialect that ended up on our screens a million times a day.

Although, a condom advert with 'House of Fun' over it would be brilliant.

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