Thursday, 7 April 2011


ROBIN HOOD: RISE OF A REBEL is the title of the new exhibition at the Galleries of Justice Museum here in Nottingham, for which I was commisioned to create a series of character portraits (and more) of the legendary Robin Hood, his merry men (and lady), and the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham.

Featuring artwork drawn by myself and coloured by Dowson Creative, the pieces help to tell the story of this most famous of outlaws on his home turf. Created in conjunction with Nottingham Trent University and the famous Galleries of Justice Museum itself, this is a major new exhibition for the museum and both myself and Mr. Dowson are honoured to have been
asked to create materials for it.

It was a blast drawing those iconic characters and I'm really looking forward to opening night! The exhibition launches on April 14th! Huge thanks to the museum for their help during this project and my partner in crime Chris Dowson for such amazing colour work. It's the launch party next week, and I'll keep you posted with what goes on!

Click here for the museum's page about the new exhibition!

(teaser images taken from the actual exhibition- reproduced with the kind permission of the Galleries of Justice Museum. You'll be able to see the full versions soon!)


its_me said...

Can't wait! we have been taking a look at the completed figures today, they look great- just getting ready to put them on the wall!!

its_me said...

Im one of the students working on the project- sorry should've mentioned that lol :)