Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Anvil material galore coming soon!

Hey all, apologies for a quiet week from me- I've been hard at work getting some great new material done for Powerplay which I think you're going to love. As well as interviewing guitar legend GEORGE LYNCH, I just spent two days writing a heck of a lot of stuff about a certain metal band called ANVIL.

If you know me at all, you know how uch I love this band and what they do, and I was priveliged enough to spend some time with Lips and the guys on Saturday.

Soon in the pages of Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine you'll find a brand new interview by me with frontman Steve 'Lips' Kudlow, a live review and album review. In addition, an exclusive column will be posted to the Powerplay site covering that particular day in the life of this metal hack. It was one hell of a day, and as you can see from Lips' expression here (pic by Chris Dowson), I think he had a pretty good time too!

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