Saturday, 23 July 2011


Gah! What fresh hell is this? I've just seen the trailer for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (see the embed below), the needless big screen reboot of Marvel's friendly neighbourhood wall-crawling smart-arse, and I want to scrape it out of my head as soon as possible. The Tobey Maguire Spider-man movies weren't perfect (well, apart from the awe-inspiring Spider-Man 2), but they felt much more like Spidey than this god-awful trailer is suggesting. It looks flat, tiresome and not worth your money.

The previous trilogy of Spidey flicks were pretty much spot on in terms of tone and characterization, but this one comes across as even more of an emo whiner than Peter did in Spidey 3. And seriously, WHY MUST WE HAVE YET ANOTHER ORIGIN STORY? Right now I think superhero films are suffering from origin story burnout, and very soon the genre is going to run out of steam altogether.

I really hope this bland looking reboot doesn't end up as part of the wider Marvel movie universe. Then again, it'll probably just end up being part of the inevitable Marvel movie universe reboot in five years, when we'll see Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and all the gang finding their powers yet again.

What I personally would like to see, as someone with a background in selling the wares of the companies making these endless origin stories, I'd like to see a superhero movie or superhero team movie that doesn't have a lengthy origin section in it, or indeed half a dozen films building up to it. Can't we just get on with the action and skip the bits that people already either know or could pick up along the way?


azul-ros said...

I like the first person view of the camera angle. I believe they do the origin piece to showcase youthful actors in order to bring in the younger audience members. It's all about marketing and getting the cha-ching factors.

michaelbondholistics said...

Hmmm I can see your point, not a great fan of the actor either really. Why do we need a reboot so soon anyway? Surely a Spidey 4 with a new actor would've sufficed? I find that the first half of films does generally drag along cos you gotta do the origin thing. Again. Mercifully i missed Thor so cant comment on that one.