Sunday, 14 August 2011

40 issues with POWERPLAY!

I'm currently writing material for my 40th issue as a part of the team behind POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE, and am still having just as much fun (if not even more) than I always have while working for such a great magazine. Making this landmark issue even more special for me, I have been lucky enough to conduct my biggest interview yet, with one of the most famous rock vocalists in the world...

AMY LEE of EVANESCENCE. I talked to her about the new, self-titled Evanescence album, and you will be able to read that interview in my 40th issue with the magazine, namely issue 136. This will be on sale at the end of September. She was a delight to talk to, and every Evanescence fan is going to love the new album, as will new listeners.

I'd like to thank the readers old and new as well as my colleagues for 40 issues of musical mayhem. Here's to another 40!

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