Friday, 5 August 2011

Hitting a snag can be useful

My new book, For The Fallen, has hit a snag in recent weeks, resulting in its release being pushed back a while. The thing is, this has given me ample opportunity to think the ending over. I wasn't happy with it before, and have thus cut most of the third act entirely.

I'm now writing a whole new one, which is a massive improvement over the original ending. I felt that the original was too much of a repeat of the ending to 'Dead Thing', the first novella in the series, and after some thought and some stress I have managed to come up with something that blows that old ending right out of the water.

What I'm saying is that hitting a snag can be useful. Take a look at what you're creating and if it's not working out the way that it should, take a break, think it over, and be merciless. The end result will be so much more powerful.

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