Saturday, 3 September 2011

New Amazon Tablet Coming? So It Seems

So TechCrunch have reported (and have also supplied a mock-up)that a new Amazon tablet is on the way. It'll apparently be called... the Amazon Kindle. Immediately this makes me wonder two things: What will happen for users of the countless Kindles that are already in existence, and also what changes people like me will have to make when formatting content for the device.

As a couple of rather more tech-savvy friends have suggested to me, there may well be no changes needed to older titles and the formatting of ebooks and suchlike may not change all that much. The reported amazon Kindle tablet will feature a colour display, multitouch and an OS based on Android, but the whole experience will be very much based around Amazon itself, including an Amazon web browser.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this tablet if it's the real thing, as it appears to be the next phase in the burgeoning tablet market. It's set to be cheaper than the entry level iPad, but will it have anywhere near as much functionality? Will it be a strong alternative to the iPad for many users? I love my iPad, but will certainly be reading up on this new device should it be genuine.

Right now is a fascinating time for mobile technology, and with the market being flooded (and in the case of the HP Touchpad, purged) with products at varying prices, I think that we'll see some whittling down of devices to a core of big-sellers and entry level options. The good thing is, folks like me will have an even more interesting market to peddle our wares upon.

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