Saturday, 1 October 2011

Doctor Who: 'The Wedding Of River Song' – Moffat, you rogue!

So the moment we Whovians have been craving since April has finally arrived. Questions are answered, jaws are left agape, the show is transformed again and fans are left with the task of mopping up their own minds after having them well and truly blown. What a way to end a series.

As with the finale to series 5 ('The Big Bang'), this final twist in a very twisty series of Doctor Who is again a little small scale aside from a few of the effects shots, but as always with Moffat era Doctor Who, it's the ideas that are truly epic in scale. You really don't need endless visual bluster when you have stories this well realised.

The Silence are back, and how! The answers to the mystery of River Song are finally all cleared up (or are they?). The Doctor must face his death, or must he? It's a great episode, and while it would have been lousy as a standalone story, as the end to a spectacularly high quality series, it's spot on.

It makes me very happy indeed as a Doctor Who fan that the show is going from strength to strength since it returned to our screens in 2005, and it continues to fascinate, frustrate, entertain and enchant myself and millions of other people.

Of course, it has its detractors, complaining it's either too dark or too complicated, but these are issues that can easily be remedied by sitting down and WATCHING IT. Put down your phones, sign out of Twitter and PAY ATTENTION. Otherwise you'll miss some of the greatest television this country has seen since, well, since the previous series of Doctor Who last year.

Now we have to deal with not only the usual bout of post-Doctor Who depression (mainly me wailing that I'll never be of the same standard as its writers and why must fate mock me thus, etc), but also a wait of several months until we are blessed with the Christmas special. Mr Moffat, you rogue, you don't half know how to tease us sir. Oh, and BTW – Congrats to River Song on the happy occasion!

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