Sunday, 20 November 2011

Man Vs Food – Saving The World With Meat

I have recently become a convert to the glorious televisual feast that is Man Vs. Food. This simple but beautiful series follows a gent called Adam as he goes around the US stuffing his face. This is a beautiful thing, despite the drooling that it inspires.

My friends have loved it for ages, but I've only had limited TV viewing time for several years now with work and life, but an episode caught my eye and now, eight or so episodes later, I am as hooked as the rest of them. Granted, I was hooked after that first episode, but it's taken eight for me to stop salivating long enough to tell you about it.

I love food. Food is amazing. It is a pleasure as well as a necessity, and as such shows like Man Vs. Food, which demonstrate a genuine enjoyment of eating and cooking, go to show the world that there is life beyond salad.

The gargantuan food challenges are insane, yes, but check out all that free advertising those independent businesses are getting. It's a superb idea. Adam fills his face with delicious treats and businesses get their name and their wares out there for the world to see.

I do bet that the show has caused an increase in sales of chillies, massive steaks, huge sandwiches and antacid tablets in recent times, though.

See? Eating until you explode may be bad for you, but it's awesome for the global economy. Which leads me to the only real conclusion there is – If you eat some big thick burgers, you will pull the world out of the recession. Do it for future generations. Eat, drink and be merry in the name of saving the world.

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