Wednesday, 25 January 2012


The Crow remake has yet another writer and director attached to it. Look, Hollywood, put the remake down and walk away from it. We know you can't stop messing about with things that are already fine and dandy as they are, but seriously, this remake of The Crow that you seem to be obsessed with making, no matter how many people quit the project and how many people deride it and cry out against it. I think you're all mad.

I can understand the interest in remaking it – there is money to be had thanks to brand familiarity from the wider audience and a diehard core audience who love the original so much, but seriously, this is one film you should leave alone.

Yes, there were sequels and a TV series, and while they were largely awful, they did nothing to diminish the power of the original movie. Plus, the original film carries such poignancy due to the sad circumstances of its production and completion following the death of star Brandon Lee on set.

It stands as a bittersweet and beautifully realized legacy for him, very much an icon of the era that the film was released into, and no amount of slick CGI and slow-motion shots in the rain are going to change that fact, no matter how much money you throw at it.

Just leave The Crow alone. It is what it is, and it does not need to be sullied further by a remake with none of the heart, pathos or impact of the original. Bad Hollywood. Naughty Hollywood. No biscuit for you.

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