Thursday, 19 January 2012

Watching... 'Watching The Detectives'

I've had this 2007 film on my radar for a while. The premise appeals to the film geek in me, and I can always use something to fill the void left by there only being one High Fidelity and one Clerks 2 in the world. Cillian Murphy plays the owner of a video store (remember those?

I certainly do, and I miss them lots) who lives his life through the films he watches (this is kinda too close to home, really). Then Violet (Lucy Liu) walks into his life and starts making him live life for real through a series of pranks and very endearing exchanges.

It's drawing me in, and making me yearn for the days of having a local video store nearby. There's something about it that brings to mind the films of Kevin Smith and John Hughes without directly copying them. The High Fidelity aspect of it is of course the film nerds, and that's the part I relate to far too much. That aside, I do recommend you watch Watching The Detectives sometime, if only to keep the spirit of video shops alive, even a little bit.

Sigh. Being a nerd can be bittersweet.

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