Tuesday, 21 February 2012

DELAIN – Why Won't Warners Release Their New Album?

Dutch symphonic metallers Delain are having issues with getting their new album released. The highly anticipated “We Are The Others” album has been shelved by Warners (it was supposed to be out in 2011) and thus the band and their growing legion of fans are without a new product to promote or enjoy. The album is done. The promo campaign had started. The songs were being teased online via a popular video. The cover was out. The band were stoked.

Then... nothing.

Why? Delain's label, the rock and metal powerhouse Roadrunner Records, was taken over by WMG and since that change the label is reluctant to put the new album out. No clear reason has been given. It seems, from what I can find, that there are staff at Roadrunner working to get the album out, but WMG are yet to understand the genre that they have bought into by acquiring Roadrunner.

The new Delain album sounds much heavier than the first two, so maybe that's an issue WMG are having. Things have changed since the early days of Roadrunner being a niche interest label. Many Roadrunner acts are huge, and have become so under their own steam without pandering to trends or major label dilution.

It's great that WMG has got hold of Roadrunner in one respect, as that means the label has a chance to grow and to nurture new talent to a greater level, but it also means that people who don't understand the genre and how its audience works may be sticking their noses in a bit too much.

Are they wanting vocalist Charlotte to go solo? Do they want the heaviness of the new album to be toned down to ensure commercial appeal? Whatever the case, the album is done and ready, the audience wants to buy it and the band wants to promote it. Dear WMG – please put the new Delain album out. We want to hear it, and keeping it under wraps is a waste of time, effort and a missed opportunity for revenue.

You can join the campaign to get the album released at the Petition for Warner Music to release Delain - We Are The Others Facebook page.

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I'm waiting 4 this album :)