Monday, 25 June 2012


Books are wonderful, wonderful things. Stories short and long permeate everything we are as a people, no matter our heritage, our histories are awash with stories rich in imagination, allegory and wisdom, but now there seems to be something of an impasse. It seems the time is coming when a new kind of storytelling will be ushered in.

From word of mouth and cave paintings to the printed word, digital media and beyond, stories both true and imaginary have been the very glue which holds any society together.

So what next? The publishing industry is in flux, the tastes of the public even moreso, and yet stories still have their power over us. What will that new way of storytelling be? It will most likely be like nothing that we have thus far come up with, a new way of absorbing stories and information.

Cerebral implants? Immersive holograms? Sensory illusions? No matter what the next step in the evolution of storytellers and storytelling turns out to be, there will always be the need for stories. So gather them. Share them. Tell them. Write them.

Stories are the foundation of everything that exists. Now that's something spectacular to contribute to. Get writing, drawing, creating any way you can.

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