Sunday, 8 July 2012

Review: HAYWIRE by Justin R. Macumber

Like action? Like sci-fi? Like fully realized characters in a well-constructed universe? Here's a treat for you. The debut full length novel from podcaster and acclaimed author Justin R. Macumber is a fabulous piece of genre entertainment where all he bases are covered. Excitement? Check. Intrigue? Check. Characterization? Check.

When a breed of super-soldiers once sent out to protect humanity from an alien invasion return to our planet infected with a virus which has turned them against their own world, the fate of everything falls into the hands of a small group of heroes-in-waiting. “Haywire” is certainly the work of an author who is familiar with not only genre fiction, but adventure fiction however it comes.

The writing style evokes David Weber, Larry Niven and a more to-the-point Peter F. Hamilton, and the focus is very much on telling a rip-roaring adventure, without skimping on the characters and settings.

Haywire is not a book for everyone, but it is certainly a superb book for fans of gung-ho science fiction excitement which harkens back to the days when space opera was at the forefront of the genre.

That's not to say it's an old fashioned book - quite the opposite - it's fresh and new and contemporary, but it holds within its pages all the elements which made Star Wars, Farscape, Stargate and so many more franchises strike such a chord with fans. Buy it and enjoy.

HAYWIRE on Amazon UK  (Paperback and Kindle)
HAYWIRE on Amazon US (Paperback/audiobook) Kindle Edition


Justin Macumber said...

Wow, thank you so much, Andrew. I'm honored you read my book and enjoyed it enough to say such nice things. This is why we write. I'm smiling in a big way, man. :)

Justin Macumber said...
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