Sunday, 9 September 2012

DREDD: This is more like it

It pleases me greatly that the new Judge Dredd film, aka DREDD or DREDD 3D, is going down well right now. I'm yet to see it, but will be going this week in order to join in the fun. The 1995 judge Dredd movie with Sylvester Stallone had its moments, but it was a woeful missed opportunity. Now we have a dark, gritty, violent take on the character, much more in keeping with his 2000AD roots, the world is finally getting a proper taste of what that comic has to offer the world in terms of movie potential.

I really am excited about this movie, and that's not happened about  new release all that much in years. I hope that 2000AD sees a sharp increase in sales too, as it is literally the only decent british comic being published now. Karl Urban looks and sounds just like Judge Dredd should, and while there will undoubtedly be things that are different, it seems that we finally have the definitive screen Dredd at last. It's been a long time coming.

Full review to follow, probably over at Diary of a Genre Addict.

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