Sunday, 30 September 2012

On My Hatred Of MUSE

I hate MUSE. I hate them so much, and yet, millions of people all over the world love the whiny bastards to bits. Each to their own and all, but I can't stand them, their lumpen dirge or their apparent status as the Second Coming. I can't bloody stand them.

This all stems from seeing them live back in 1999, opening up for LIVE (Remember them? They were shit as well), at a gig that was so very awful it has echoed down the years as a symbol of how to get music wrong.

That night, back in the mists of time, was an agonizing chore to get through. Their set was so hideously bland and painful to watch that I wanted to pull the top of my skull off and rummage around in my brain for the 'Off' switch.

Here and now they are worshipped as geniuses, but all I hear is a shiny production and songs which any old indie pub band could do. The 'scale' and 'progishness' that people speak endlessly of in regards to their banal drivel are both products of hiring a good producer.

Would I have a different opinion if I hadn't suffered that terrible support slot set years ago? No. They're shite, and they'll always be shite. Millions may love them, but all I see and hear from them is a very highly polished turd.

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Sarah said...

Hear hear! Muse are awful. (Though my opinion on musical matters is often disregarded given my love of Nickelback ;).