Thursday, 4 October 2012


Well, that was lovely. We just watched “Trojan”, the first episode of the new RED DWARF series, aka RED DWARF X, and it was splendid. As many old Smeg Heads did, I feared the worst after the poorly received 'BACK TO EARTH' miniseries which served as the 9th season, but this episode had everything that made Red Dwarf great in the first place.

The script was lovely, the episode low-key and very much in keeping with the spirit of the classic episodes which are so much loved by so many people. Yeah, the sets have been updated along with the effects, but the mix of old-school comedy and pitch-perfect characters with updated production values was a delight.

The fact is, it didn't try to be something that it isn't. It hasn't been supercharged with sex, endless swearing or elaborate effects, hasn't becoming knowing and self-referential and aside from it feeling weird to have an ad break in a Red Dwarf episode, it was like welcoming back old friends.

The format has returned to the direction the show was doing so well before series 8 ruined it in previous years, and after a long and tiring day, I am most grateful that Red Dwarf X has begun with such a beautifully old-fashioned, very funny and thoroughly entertaining episode.

Yes, the cast are all looking a bit older, but they were back to their best in this and it was like they'd never been away. What a pleasure to watch. Welcome back, Red Dwarf. We've missed you. Seriously, we really have.

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