Friday, 13 September 2013



The second full length album from US-based occult metal sensations HUNTRESS has been out a little while now, and I finally got mine a few weeks ago directly from the band (with a signed card from powerhouse vocalist JILL JANUS – get yours from their store!). It's sunk in properly now and thus here's my review. I didn't get to cover this one for the magazine and wanted to offer my own take.

In a nutshell, while their debut album “SPELL EATER” was fantastic, “STARBOUND BEAST” absolutely blows it out of the water. A bit more of a classic hard rock edge has found its way into their traditional metal/thrash onslaught, along with some more stoner vibes.

The songwriting and musicianship have been taken to a new level of intensity, and Jill is using her voice in some new and interesting ways, including a more powerful mid-range and some harsh elements here and there too.

Highlights include the perfect metal anthems “Blood Sisters”, “Destroy Your Life” and “Zenith”, which is the basis of the album's first (and utterly demented) video. A special mention must go to the delightfully titled “I Want To Fuck You To Death”, which features lyrics by a certain Lemmy Kiliminster, which explains the title a bit.

A sci-fi/alien phenomena theme has found its way in amidst the occult shenanigans the band is known for, giving the album a different feel to the debut but very much in keeping with the Huntress sound. This album is raw, dirty and brilliant.

Andrew Hawnt

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