Thursday, 14 November 2013


I am stunned, absolutely stunned by what I've just watched (twice). As well as being an incredible taster for what is to come with the 50th anniversary story THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR, this mini episode feels like a gift to all of us old fans who weathered the wilderness years before Doctor Who came back to our screens in 2005. My friends, those were some dark times, when we clung onto our Doctor Who fandom while the world had left it for dead.

Seeing a certain someone back in the role of the Doctor is a fanboy dream come true, and I am thrilled that he was able to prove how glorious he is as The Doctor even for five minutes in a teaser for the next special.

As a story in its own right it works well, cramming basically an entire episode (and several years of exposition) into just a few minutes. It looks gorgeous (that vista was beautiful!), resembling a big budget feature film rather than a TV project, but that goes with the forthcoming special's massive importance to the franchise and indeed the BBC itself.

The nod to the Big Finish audios was a beautiful touch, but a small issue for me was the lack of a mention for Fitz or Anji, or even Sam or Compassion, which would have been a lovely nod to those of us who devotedly bought every single eighth Doctor BBC novel and loved pretty much all of them.

The Night of The Doctor is a brilliant entry in the Doctor Who mythos and a beautiful lead-in for the 50th anniversary spectacular. So yeah, this is one almost-lapsed fan who is very, very excited for what is to come. Check the episode out for yourself right now!

Watch DOCOR WHO: THE NIGHT OF THE DOCTOR over at the BBC iPlayer!


Neil Oliver said...

I was totally unspoiled for
that and loved every second. Our man just knocked it out of the stadium again and in 6 minutes of air time. class.

Neil Oliver said...
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Sean Crossey said...

Awesome little teaser and great little write-up. Share it on Google dude!