Tuesday, 18 February 2014



Gah! This is one problem with being in England. I miss the stuff from the night-tim US shows getting their premieres, such as tonight's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY teaser. Earlier today Marvel released a 15 second teaser for the teaser. Yeah, a teaser trailer for a teaser trailer. I know. Normally I would be annoyed by this micro-advertising gimmick, but tonight I don't care one jot, because those 15 seconds look AMAZING.

The full teaser trailer is showing tonight in the US on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, and of course will arrive online at the same time. Right when I'm having feverish dreams about what it's like. Look, this stuff matters to idiots like me, ok?

The teaser-teaser shows the first proper footage from the movie, and it looks brilliant. The visual feel to even just those brief glimpses is wonderful, very sci-fi but still grounded in that strange sort-of-reality feel that the Marvel movies do so well.

The characters look superb and that tantalizing shot of former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan as intergalactic villainess Nebula is just awesome. Someone commented on the video that the footage looks like Farscape, and I'm not sure if they meant that as a positive comment, but HELL YES that makes it even better for me.

Even just from these fifteen seconds of footage, I think my interest in this film is growing along with the feeling that it's going to surprise a lot of people – not least of all me! I am edging towards the thought that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is going to be a gamble which does actually pay of for Marvel, and that bodes well for the future of the comic book movie genre and of course the further development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Big sci-fi epics will pave the way for some of the more fantastical elements of the Marvel Universe to be explored. Doctor Strange. Galactus. Skrulls. Hell, even some more lesser known teams might arrive onscreen. How about The New Warriors? But first of all, there's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY to look forward to. Now hurry up and let me go to sleep so I can stop fidgeting so much waiting for the proper teaser.

(Note: PANELS TO FRAMES, my comic book movie column, continues to run here at my own site while its usual home, LOST IN THE MULTIPLEX, is on hiatus for maintenance)

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